Dry polishing pastes

These polishing pastes are mainly used in conjunction with H1/.. and M1/.. granulates in the dry finishing process. They give high-quality surfaces. Since they mostly contain oil, they also give good protection against corrosion.  

Type Smooth Mirror finish  Application/material  Remarks
 **  **  precious metals, brass  
***  gold, brass very liquid 
 *  *  precious metals  withstands very high temperatures
 *  **  precious metals  odourless
 *  *  steel alloys  for the pharma industry
* *** silver
 ***  **  steel alloys, titanium  

Polishing powders

These polishing powders are used mainly with H1/.. and M1/..granulates in dry finishing processest. They give high-quality, smooth, mirror-finish surfaces. Polishing powders are always used together with adhesive oils or adhesive greases, e.g. HL9 or HL7, since this is the only way to ensure that the powder adheres sufficiently to the polishing granules.  

Type  Smooth  Mirror finish  Application/material  Remarks
 *  ***  precious metals/materials  
 ***  **  steel, titanium  
 **  ***  non-ferrous metals  
 ***  *  ceramic, carbide, CoCr.  
 **  **    polishing implants
 *  ***   polishing implants


**=very good

***=best result

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