In-house Trade Fair 2013: Hi-tech exhibition with beer garden

Attended by some 200 visitors, this year’s In-house Trade Fair at OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH in Straubenhardt was a renewed success. This is the fourth time that this type of presentation and exhibition has been held and it has become a regular fixture among the fifty or so national and international trade fairs that OTEC takes part in each year. More than half of these take place in Europe, some 30% are in Asia and 10 % in North and South America.

Above all, OTEC’s In-house Trade Fair is a magnet for visitors from southern Germany who for the most part come from the metalworking, automotive component and medical device sectors. Some of them are already regular attendees at this fair, since they have learned to appreciate the advantages of gaining extensive first-hand experience of the entire range of innovative and well-established technologies developed by OTEC. On this day, the company holds an open house in which all of its equipment and machinery are on view and in action – demonstrating the various surface finishing processes from disc finishing units and elec-tropolishing systems to the sophisticated drag finishing units as well as the stream finishing units which have undergone extensive development over the past few years. Also of note were the handling systems for media recycling for CF machines and the new pulse finishing process, for which a patent is currently pending, designed for the deburring and polishing of less accessible areas and which operates on the principle of optimizing the relative motion between the workpiece and the media.

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OTEC switches to Alicona

OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH, a manufacturer of machines for deburring, grinding, burnishing and polishing, is replacing its current optical measuring system for edge measurement with an Alicona measuring system. As a specialist in mass finishing machines, OTEC knows all about optical and tactile measuring techniques and sees in Alicona a partner who is “close to the market” and focused on meeting customer requirements.

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04-2013: The new SF 3-200 Streamfinishing Machine

This new development of the company OTEC grinds and polishes work pieces especially well in areas, where conventional techniques like e.g. robots fail. Through the tremendous speeds of the grinding or polishing medium (up to 16 m/s), this machine is particularly suitable for processing of corners, recesses, grooves, etc.. In this process, the workpieces are held by special jigs and then immersed in rapidly flowing grinding or polishing medium. The process times are extremely short - just 1 to 3 minutes. EFor example at workpieces made of aluminum, the roughness of Ra 0.9µm can be reduced to Ra 0.05µm in just 1 minute through a single step dry process.


The new SF 3-200 Streamfinishing Machine from OTEC is characterized by:
• Very robust and strong construction
• Powerful main drive of 50 KW
• Process container speed: up to 150 rpm, at a diameter of 2000 mm
• 3 stations for work piece holders; work pieces may be fixed pneumatically
• Available for dry processing
• Extremely short process times Prozesszeiten
• Automatic sequence of events
• Robot loading possible

This machine is especially suitable for processing of faucets, decorativ work pieces etc.

Top Rating Logo - January 2012

TOP RATING Certificate 2012

Our company has been awarded the TOP RATING Certificate 2012 by the independent rating agency Hoppenstedt Kreditinformationen GmbH in Hamburg.

This means that we are among the 4.4% of companies this year to have received the excellent credit rating of 1 (on a scale of  to 6).

A total of 4.7 million active German companies were evaluated by the Hoppenstedt rating agency.

The comprehensive and reliable information and data used for the purposes of risk assessment and evaluating creditworthiness derive from direct contact with companies and from public domain sources such as:

- the German Federal Gazette

- the commercial registry

- the financial and daily press

- annual reports

- internet research and

- press releases

Consequently, over 650 million items of data on payment performance were accessed during the course of carrying out the risk assessment.

In-house Trade Fair 2011

OTEC's third In-house Trade Fair took place on 26 May 2011. With over 150 delegates, this year's event was once again a great success. Visitors were able to familiarise themselves with the latest innovations in mass finishing technologies. In terms of new technologies, the undoubted highlight was the robot-assisted SF machine which represents the new generation of finishing machines from OTEC.


Also on view and in action was the new DF-H machine designed for the  polishing, grinding and deburring of very large workpieces.

Other innovations included:

·         The new dosage regulator for our DF machines

·         Processes for finishing ceramic materials and carbide in CF machines

·         New media for polishing implants

·         New media for finishing tools

As part of the attractive supporting program, scientific papers were given by Silvio Zepke (GF Messtechnik GmbH) on "Production-related optical 3D measurement of tools and measurement of burring on workpieces" and by Armin Löwenstein (Centre of Microproduction Technology (ZMPT)) on "Cutting edge preparation of microfibres at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology (IPK)".

In addition, delegates were able to enjoy a delicious barbecue washed down with our ever-popular OTEC wines.

More photos of the In-house Trade Fair

Oct 2010: Major expansion of our process development department

Mr. Wölk operating a drag finishing unit

In order to be able to advise you better and to demonstrate the performance and efficiency of our grinding and polishing units, we have expanded the premises of our process development department from 100 m² to 200 m² and added new DF and CF machines. This expansion enables us to develop customised processing concepts in a very short time.

Our comprehensive service includes developing a processing concept specially tailored to your applications and establishing the right grinding and polishing media to go with it. We can also run a sample processing job for you, recording all relevant process parameters (in a choice of twelve languages). This service is, of course, provided free of charge and kept strictly confidential.

Put us to the test

You will be thoroughly impressed with of the result. Simply send us your workpieces stating "Samples for processing" to OTEC Präzisionsfinish, Dieselstrasse 8-12, 75334 Straubenhardt-Feldrennach, Germany.

As soon as we receive your workpieces, you will be contacted by our team of specialists.

We can also advise you without receiving a sample if you send us good quality illustrations or digital photographs of your workpieces, accompanied with full details of the task to be achieved.

To see more photos of our new process development department, click here.

New innovative mass finishing compound

Conventional waste water / flocculated with SC 36

New innovative mass finishing compound with integrated precipitant 

The new SC 36 compound from OTEC sees the birth of a completely new generation of high-performance compounds. For the first time ever, it has been possible to integrate a precipitant into a compound without detriment to the mass finishing process. Since its introduction, this new compound has been tested and well received by numerous customers.






The following features speak for themselves:

  • Flakes automatically form in the waste water as it leaves the process container whenever ceramic and/or plastic grinding media are used.
  • Can easily be recycled via filter bag or cascade tanks.
  • Considerable improvement in the cleaning effect of centrifuges. The fine waste particles from plastic grinding media can normally cause problems when recycling, since they are difficult to separate out. The flocculation effect achieved by the SC 36 compound makes it much easier to separate out fine debris.
  • Conventional grinding sludge sets hard when submerged in water. This can give rise to the following problems:
  • Blocked pipes,
  • stubborn deposits in mass finishing machines and waste water filtration tanks.
  • When SC 36 is used, the sludge in such cases keeps on flowing and does not set when immersed in water.
  • Cost savings through easy recycling with recovery of approx. 50% of compound.


Further highlights of the new compound:

  • Minimal foaming, making it ideally suitable for grinding
  • Universal compound – suitable for almost all metals
  • Very good protection against corrosion for ferrous metals
  • Good brightening properties in the case of non-precious metals and stainless steels
  • Efficient cleaning action
  • Contains no toxic substances
  • Pleasant odour

11-2009: HV 20 Heavy-duty vibrator

With the HV 20 trough vibrator, OTEC is extending its range of mass finishing machines. Previously, OTEC had specialised in disc finishing machines and drag finishing processes, establishing a world-wide reputation for itself in these areas through its innovative products. With the HV 20 trough vibrator, OTEC is now extending its range of products even further and can therefore offer an even wider range of options for mass finishing, deburring, edge rounding and polishing. The main features of the trough vibrator are as follows:

  • Trough capacity approx. 23 litres
  • Internal dimensions of trough: 190 x 530 mm
  • Power output 1.3 kW
  • Speed control via frequency inverter for wet and dry finishing

The applications of this trough vibrator include finishing bone pins, bone plates and even stents. The special design of this machine results in extremely aggressive finishing and therefore gives lower finishing times than conventional trough vibrators.

05-2009: New 2-step drag finishing unit DF-3 S2

With the 2-step drag finishing unit DF-3 S2 OTEC presents an absolute highlight.

With this machine, it is possible for the first time to wet-grind and polish work pieces, such as implants and a watch cases, in just one workholding.

Through the use of this sophisticated technology you can achieve hand-polishing quality and process reliability.

Since the company was established in 1996, OTEC concentrates on developing drag finishing units. In drag finishing, work pieces are held (clamped) on a holding device and dragged through a grinding or polishing media. To achieve a very effective treatment the work pieces revolves around its own axis. At the same time it travels in a planetary movement.

In order to effectively process the work pieces, often a 2-stage process is required. E.g. the first step will be a wet grinding step followed bearing assembly a second step, the so called dry polishing. Like this Ra values up to 0.01 microns can be achieved. Previously, this process required two machines: One machine for the wet grinding step and another machine for dry polishing with the corresponding expenses because the work pieces had to be moved from one holder to another one.
With the new DF 3 S2, this problem is now solved. The machine has 2 process containers, which can be chosen: wet / dry or dry / dry can be combined. With a Siemens touch panel the various process parameters as e.g. process time, speed, etc., can be set. The machine moves the work pieces automatically from the first into the next processing step and thus saves the time extensive manual handling of the work pieces.

Watch the new video of the machine DF-3 S2: DF-3 S2

Certification under ISO 9001:2000

In November 2008, OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH was certified under DIN ISO 9001:2000 by TÜV SÜD. In response to market demands and on our own initiative, the first certification audit was successfully completed and certification awarded by TÜV SÜD on 26 and 27 November 2008 after a preparation phase lasting a year. If you have any questions or would like us to send you a copy of our certificate, please phone Stefanie Rittmann on + 49 (0) 7082 49 11 33 or send an email to s.rittmann(at)


Fig. 1: DF-6 Automation

In-house Trade Fair 2008

The in-house trade fair at OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH on 8 May 2008 in Straubenhardt was a huge success. Some 200 trade delegates from Germany were able to familiarise themselves with the state of the art in vibratory grinding technology. A particular focus was the application of drag finishing machines for preparing the cutting edge of chip removal and stamping tools. The scientific papers given included talks on the importance of edge rounding of chip removal tools (Dr. S. Holsten of the University of Kassel) and the measurement of edge rounding (Mr. Zepke of GF Messtechnik).

A key technical highlight was the demonstration of the DF 6 Automation fully automatic drag finishing machine (see Fig. 1).

Other innovations included:

  • Drag finishing machine with angled holders Especially suitable for processing the front surface of workpieces.
  • Constant water drainage for disc finishing machines with zero gap technology offering shorter processing times
  • The new CF 32 Series. These disc finishing machines with a maximum capacity of 32 litres complement the existing range of CF 5,9,18 and 50 litre machines.
  • ECO 9 with adjustable gap. A new generation Eco machine with central gap adjustment and lower disc

The combination of informed lectures and machine demonstrations was very well received by the attendees. And the catering left nothing to be desired either, since a fine barbecue was accompanied by the uncorking of OTEC’s 2007 wine. The whole concept was just right and is certain to be repeated.

Click on the link for more impressions from our in-house trade fair: more.


OTEC'S RED has arrived!

Just in time to celebrate the company's 10th anniversary, a new wine, OTEC'S RED is being launched. This is truly OTEC's wine, since it originates from the family vineyards of our Managing Directors, Helmut Gegenheimer and Soran Jota. The family has been cultivating the vine for over 70 years and winemakeing is a family tradition. Here are a few details: - 60-year old vines - vintage 2006 - dry - 13.0% vol. - 87 ° Oechsle - from the vineyards of Ellmendingen in Baden, renowned for its "Ellmendinger Keulebuckel" - a black riesling - 1,000 bottles of red wine -. In future visitors to our stands at trade fairs will be able to sample this fine wine.

Convenient and economical

The semi-automatic CF 50 MR Series

Really easy to use: There is no need for manual filling and emptying of grinding and polishing media since the abrasive medium is automatically returned when the process container swings back.

Changing the medium is simplicity itself thanks to the interchangeable reservoirs on castors.


Further practical advantages of the CF 50 MR:

  • Workpieces are automatically separated when the container is emptied
  • Easy and quick tool-free screen change
  • Large screen surface area: 550 x 400 mm
  • Automatic lid control for emptying/filling

diameter of
container [mm]
Length x depth x height


1 x 50 485 1457 x 2000 x 2300 550 3/230
2 x 50 485 2890 x 2000 x 2300 1100 6/400

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