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Our commitment to producing “perfect surfaces worldwide” is the driving force behind everything we do. This means that  when it comes to grinding and polishing systems, OTEC can always offer better solutions than those already available on the market – both in terms of cost-effectiveness and technical sophistication. This is why we are the technological leader in mass finishing units – as proven by our innovative machine concepts, inventions and patents.

For this purpose, special drag finishing machines are available, tailored to the specific application concerned, such as deburring, rounding of the (cutting) edges, smoothing and polishing.


Stamped, turned and machined parts:
An extremely economical finish whilst at the same time delivering optimum results. That is what you can expect from our ECO and CF machines. These are used for deburring, smoothing and polishing.


Medical devices:
Top precision and absolute reliability are the key challenges in this area, for example for the surface treatment of medical implants and dental components. Titanium, ceramic materials and plastic parts are the materials used in this sector – materials which require a great deal of experience in order to obtain the best possible surface quality.


Jewelry and watchmaking:
A perfect shine even in the tiniest recesses – fast and economical. Here, too, our product range offers the best solution in every case.


Try it for free:
Send us a sample of your product and we will carry out the finishing free of charge. For more information, see our customer service page.


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