During deburring, the predominantly metal workpieces are processed to remove sharp edges, slivers and burrs resulting from a machining or manufacturing process.

The term "deburring" is used mainly in the metalworking industry.

OTEC's ECO and CF machines are especially suitable for deburring bulk materials. The optimized design of the machine and the process container guarantees uniform and reliable processing. For high-quality workpieces which must not come into contact with one another during processing and which must fulfil the highest requirements (e.g. the threads of high-speed spindles), the DF series of drag finishing machines is used.

For deburring, the choice of the right abrasive media is absolutely critical. The burrs must under no circumstances be merely bent over, but must be removed. This requires a great deal of experience and specialized knowledge.Our extremely well equipped laboratory makes OTEC your ideal partner for deburring workpieces of all kinds.


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