Stream finishing units


While engineers in the automotive industry are always looking for ways to optimise efficiency, smooth running and emission management, the focus in motorsport is on pushing performance to its limits. As an international technology leader in mass finishing, OTEC designs and builds systems that reduce friction between components, benefiting both the premium car segment and motorsport. The heat, stresses and material abrasion caused by friction are detrimental to the precision and service life of all components. Lower friction means less wear, smoother power delivery and better energy consumption. The aim is always to minimise the influence of friction on the system as far as possible. Component properties of camshafts, gear wheels, valves, shift drum, worm shaft and gear parts can be improved by deburring, rounding, smoothing and polishing with OTEC finishing process.
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Precision Finishing for Peak performance in Motor sport

Surface processing on the individual components of racing cars plays a central role for performance in autosports. The process not only achieves perfectly polished surfaces, but also improves the components’ appearance. Tests show a significant performance increase of 5% after OTEC processing. OTEC machinery can process typical motorsport components such as clutch shafts, camshafts, drive shafts, racks, pinions, pistons, shifting dogs and brake disc chambers.
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Extreme conditions call for perfect results

OTEC machine technology opens up new possibilities for the finishing of components in the aerospace industry. For the first time ever, perfect machine finishing of surfaces is a reality – with high-precision results and a more consistent quality than can be achieved by hand. Turbine blades, gear wheels und blisks can be deburred, rounded and smoothed in a single processing stage.
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The quality of stamping, forming and cutting tools can be improved considerably by finishing in the DF and SF machines from OTEC. With the SF1 ILS with chain loader, OTEC sets a new standard in automated precision finishing. This machine is specially tailored to the requirements of the toolmaking industry and its automated loading system delivers clear cost benefits.
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OTEC’s stream finishing and pulse finishing units have been specially tailored to the requirement profile of assembly line production in the automobile industry or high-tech tool industry, in order to meet the high standards of process reliability, speed and processing quality demanded by large-scale series production.
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TURBINE blades and streamfinishing – Selective smoothing with streamfinish

Turbine blades come in all shapes, sizes and materials. In some cases, turbine blades need to withstand extreme environmental conditions. This means that very strenuous demands are placed on the surfaces and materials used, as well as on the manufacturing and finishing processes.
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fewer oil changes for gear wheels with pulse finish surfaces

Optimizing the surface quality of contact components is a key aspect of tribological studies. A uniform, smooth surface profile and suitable lubrication reduce wear and increase product life this is especially important for gear wheels for example.
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OTEC has developed the new SF 3/105 immersion finishing unit with pulse drive system specially to enable the system to be fully integrated into production lines for large-scale production runs.
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SF 3/105 stream finishing machine for series production

OTEC has developed the new SF 3/105 immersion finishing unit with pulse drive system specially to enable the system to be fully integrated into production lines for large-scale production runs. This unit type enables complex turned parts such as worm drives, cog wheels and camshafts to be deburred, rounded, burnished or polished in a matter of seconds.
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Pulse finishing ─ high-speed finishing of sensitive and complex workpieces

As one of the leading and technologically most creative suppliers of surface finishing sys-tems on the European market, OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH, has developed a further com-ponent for its proven stream finishing system which owes is success to the excellent results obtained.
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New technical highlight from OTEC ─ The SF 3-200 Stream Finishing Machine

OTEC, one of Europe's leading suppliers in the field of surface finishing has once again succeeded in setting new, outstanding technical standards with the introduction of the innovative SF 3-200 stream finishing machine.
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absolute precision in seconds. the new sf-5 Stream finishing machine from OTEC.

Perfect surfaces through edge rounding, polishing, deburring, smoothing… and all with the utmost of precision and with finishing times of as little as 3 – 4 seconds for a single workpiece (e.g. for edge rounding).
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Perfect surfaces for intricate and high-precision workpieces with the new SF machine from OTEC. In addition, this machine offers extremely reliable processing and the shortest possible finishing times.
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