Disc finishing machines

04/2018: Fashion Jewellery

Fashion jewellery such as decorative clasps and decorations on handbags, as well as rivets and belt buckles demand maximum precision from the manufacturing process. They are often made from die cast zamak, brass or steel. OTEC offers a cost-effective process for the surface refinement of fashion jewellery and acces-sories: its disc finishing machines achieve the highest surface quality in the shortest possible time. The jewellery is polished to a high gloss, producing an impressively perfect finish. 
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11/2017: Shock absorber discs - Effective deburring, rounding and reliable separation

Stamped parts are used in a wide variety of applications in the automotive industry and are used, for example, in shock absorbers. The main processing task is deburring and rounding of the edges. Due to the thickness of the components of less than 0.5 mm, some challenges arise during surface finishing. The OTEC disc finishing machines of the series CF allow that sensitive stamped parts will be deburred and rounded quickly, absolutely reliably and process capable. This can be 20 times more effective than conventional vibrators.
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06/2013: CF 18 Oil disc finishing unit with handling system for recycling media

These machines use a special low-viscosity oil in place of a water/compound mixture. This has the following advantages:
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06/2013: CF 18 with new gap system WITHOUT water discharge

The new gap system of the CF18 disc finishing unit works without a continuous flow of water through the gap.
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