Drag finishing machines

2014: New quick exchange collet holder for DF machine

With the new quick exchange collet holder system from OTEC, tools such as drills and burs in drag finishing machines can be changed in a matter of seconds.
PDF download (English - 390 KB)

08/2010: New driven holder for DF Tools machines

A new holding system (patent pending) allows workpieces to be changed at the touch of a button.
PDF download (English -180 K)

09/2009: 2-step Drag-finishing unit

With this machine, it is possible for the first time to wet-grind and polish work pieces, such as implants and a watch cases, in just one workholding.
PDF download (English -180 K)

03/2009: DF Wet drag finishing machine

For the wet and dry processing of implants, watch cases, milling tools shafts, pistons and decorative workpieces.
PDF download (English -146 K)

05/2008: Angled holder for DF Tools

This holder significantly increases the contact pressure of the grinding and polishing medium, providing better finishing for the face of stamping tools.
PDF download (English -257 K)

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