Stream finishing machines

08/2018: Punching Dies - superior surface quality ensures high output

A punching die’s surface quality is essential for smooth and efficient stamping, which is why the surface processing methods for these tools are constantly being refined. OTEC offers machines and process technology for smoothing and polishing - for superior surface quality and a perfect contoured surface. The interaction between processing by OTEC and the coating can increase the tool’s output 10-fold.
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01/2018: Valve Spools - Smoothing for high contact ratio

For the surface quality of the valve spool it is not only important to deburr and smooth, but also perform defined rounding of the edges. By smoothing the roughness peaks high contact ratios are achieved, leading to less friction and less wear. The result is a more reliable sealing surface at the edges which controll the volume flows in the valve. The smooth surface also ensures less leakage when overflowing and lower leak oil values. Deburring, rounding and smoothing of the valve spools reduces friction on the valve.
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Depending on the process, inner forming dies are exposed to very high pressures combined with high sliding speeds. This means that very strenuous demands are placed on the tools and especially on the surfaces! With OTEC stream finishing machines tools can be processed economically and in consistent quality. The result is a perfectly polished forming tool with reduced friction coefficient and increased tool life.
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For surface processing, two main tasks are involved in the production of cutter bodies: Deburring after milling and polishing after hardening and grinding. The reliable removal of burrs is important for optimum fit of the inserts on the cutter body. A burr-free and flat support surface is important for stability during the cutting process and prevents chipping of the insert. The subsequent polish removes the oxide layer formed during hardening, thereby improving the visual appearance and upgrading of the part for sale.
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06/2017: Deburring, rounding and smoothing of threading tools with pulsfinish

The requirements to the surface finishing of threading tools could be very different depending on the type of tool. Therefore a very flexible process that adapts to every dimension and shape of tools is necessary. In OTEC-stream finishing machines with pulse drive (Pulsfinish) the tools can be deburred, smoothed and rounded reliably, quickly and economically according to the requirements.By this finishing process, the cutting and deformation forces can be reduced by about 60%.
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05/2017: Polishing of Can Seamers with the Stream finishing machine

Can seamers are used to seal cans. The key functional surface of the tool is the forming surface or groove which joins together the edges of the can and the lid by forming a seam. Can seamers are used in large quantities all over the world.In order to ensure that the tools always maintain a consistent quality, the forming surfaces must be regularly repolished.
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OTEC’s stream finishing and pulse finishing units have been specially tailored to the requirement profile of assembly line production in the automobile industry or high-tech tool industry, in order to meet the high standards of process reliability, speed and processing quality demanded by large-scale series production.
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10/2015: SF-3 Pulsfinish with automatic change of holders

Streamfinish machine SF-3 Pulsfinish with HSK 63-interface for automatic change of holders
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05/2014: Tableting tools polished to perfection - in a fully automatic process

With the first fully automatic SF 4 stream finishing machine for polishing tableting tools, OTEC has designed a new machine which enables customers to fully polish tools without the need for manual rechucking.
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08/2013: SF 2 machines for finishing injection plungers, with automatic loading and unloading

Finishing process: 10 seconds dry finishing with QZF 90 media, no further additives
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08/2013: Burnishing and edge rounding of gear hobs in the SF machine

Gear hobs are used to make gears, cog wheels and other toothed components. OTEC has already conducted a great many lab tests with gear hobs. So far, the main task has been to debur and simultaneously round the edges of these tools.
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01/2012: Precise, even and fast finishing of taps and carbide drills in the SF machine

Obtaining an even finish when deburring taps and rounding cutting edges remains a major challenge, since protrusions such as the tooth crests of thread-cutting taps and the dead centers of twist drills, are considerably more rounded than the more deeply recessed areas. OTEC's process development department has carried out extensive tests using the new SF machines.
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