• Are conventional processes too abrasive?

    Gentle electropolishing process from OTEC.

Electropolishing units

Electropolishing is an electrochemical material removal process for metallic workpieces using an external source of electric current. It is used to polish, passivate and debur surfaces. During this process, material is removed from the workpiece (anode), which is immersed in an electrolyte specially suited to this particular metal, thereby considerably reducing the surface roughness. The advantages of electropolishing are a metallically pure surface, no effect on crystalline structure, improved resistance to corrosion and a lasting surface shine.


Machine for smoothing and polishing gold or slilver workpieces. more

EPAG-smart T | dental

The 3 in 1-solution for highly gloss polished dental objects. more

EPAG-smart S | jewelry

The clever solution for filigree jewelry. more