electropolishing units – EPAG-FlexMODULAR

The EPAG-Flex is an innovative new electropolishing machine for yellow, red and white Gold or Silver. This electropolishing unit enables filigree jewelry rings to be ground and polished in the shortest possible time. Intricate details remain intact and internal contours receive an excellent finish. Manual polishing is reduced to a minimum and the quality of your surfaces is greatly enhanced. Thanks to its modular design, the machine can be subsequently expanded to up to three individually controllable process tanks. The software includes a database in which workpiece specific process parameters can easily be stored and managed.


  • Perfect for Gold and Silve
  • Reduces manual polishing to a minimum
  • Gold carried over into the bath during the electropolishing process can easily be recovered by means of simple filtration
  • Can easily and affordably be expanded to up to three process tanks
  • Completely cyanide-free process
  • Workpiece parameter management system


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  • Perfect surfaces even in the smallest gaps

  • Jewellery parts

  • Jewellery parts

  • Jewellery parts


technical specifications

  • Machine cladding made from easy-to-clean plastic
  • Control unit in high-quality painted stainless stee
  • USB port for easy software updates and upgrades
  • Capacity for up to 40 workpieces per process tank
  • Process tanks in PP (polypropylene plastic), working volume approx. 18 liters each
  • Two rinse tanks with a working capacity of approx. 8 liters each
  • Filter unit for collecting particles
  • Main connection 230 V 50/60 Hz 2.6 VA
  • Bath liquid (electrolyte): ML 1 and GL 20+ for Gold
  • Bath liquid (electrolyte): PL 1 for Silver

Various holder systems

Mounting table


Mobile air extraction unit

A variety of exchangeable cathode systems

Process tank module (expands the machine by up to three process containers)

Tests not promises

Let us prove how good our technology is. We will be happy to put the performance of OTEC technology and EPAG to the test. We will give you detailed advice and develop a finishing concept tailored to your needs and formulate the best grinding and polishing media for your application. In addition, we offer to finish a sample workpiece for you individually and to provide you with a process log documenting all key process parameters.


Flyer as PDF file for downloading to your computer. To open the file, you need the Adobe Reader.


EPAG Flex (english - 4.22 MB)