Medical instruments and tools

Scissors, handles, drills, clamps, endoscopes and turned and milled parts

Medical instruments and tools must have sharp, burr-free edges to prevent bone-cell damage and to stop metal residues from entering wounds. At the same time, the surface must be smooth enough to ensure no tissue or blood adheres to it.

OTEC’s processing machines ensure consistent surface quality. They can carry out custom processing using methods matched specifically to the workpiece. They smooth surfaces and remove burrs without creating noticeably rounded edges.

OTEC machines can

  • Remove burrs and maintain sharp edges
  • Ensure homogeneous, smooth surfaces using machine processing
  • Reduce manual processing to a minimum
  • Provide process reliability and reproducibility

Drag finishing machines
For piece goods

Used for polishing, grinding and precise edge rounding
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Stream finishing machines
For piece goods

For everything from manual small series to automated line production
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Disc finishing machines
For bulk goods

Surface processing of bulk parts in a single process
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