OTEC Centrifuge WT-Loop

Sustainable process water treatment

OTEC’s newly developed WT-Loop centrifuge enables a highly effective recirculation system to complement existing or newly installed mass finishing machines. Reusing treated process water multiple times
helps to save significant quantities of compound and fresh water. The high centrifugal force separates solids effectively, compressing them firmly into sludge and leaving low residue volumes, which in turn keeps disposal costs down.


  • Reduced operating costs thanks to efficient recirculation system
    - Up to 80 % less compound consumption
    - Up to 98 % less fresh water used
    - Reduced mass finishing waste water for a lower environmental impact
  • Abraded material from the component or media is removed from the process water, while unused compound remains in the process
  • Straightforward operation thanks to automatic container draining and automatic supply of process water purifier and fresh water
  • No obligatory monitoring or documentation for recirculation systems required by official authorities

Benefits of the OTEC recirculation system

  • Has a flexible modular system for mass finishing machines with varying dimensions
  • The water purifier separates the solids effectively and thoroughly, ensuring greater water purity for greater process reliability
  • Reduced use of process additives such as compounds improves sustainability
  • Compressed sludge volume with very little water residue saves on disposal costs
  • Sludge strainer simplifies handling

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