OTEC WT-Cube economical process water treatment

Cost-effective cleaning and re-treating

It does not always make economic sense to use a process water cleaning centrifuge for small mass finishing machines as the centrifuges are mostly designed for larger machines. Our WT-Cube process water cleaning unit is a straightforward, cost-effective system for water treatment that allows you to cut down significantly on compound as well as fresh water.


  • Reduced operating costs thanks to efficient recirculation system
    - Up to 80 % less compound consumption
    - Up to 98 % less fresh water used
    - Reduced mass finishing waste water for a lower environmental impact
  • Abraded material from the component or media is removed from the process water,
    while unused compound remains in the process
  • No obligatory monitoring or documentation for recirculation systems required by official authorities

Benefits of the OTEC recirculation system

  • Sieve system for convenient sludge removal
  • Subsequent filtration for sludge drainage
  • Easy disposal of deposited sludge

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