Precision finishing with more bite in the dental laboratory

Dental Success Story

Process optimisation, cost efficiency, reliably high quality and simpler handling for the production of custom-made aligners and bite splints – OTEC supplies a customised machine concept for the precise processing of dental objects in a large dental laboratory from Frankfurt am Main.

The dental industry is booming and promises enormous potential for growth in the future. There is particular demand for bite splints, custom-made plastic parts designed to help prevent excessive clenching and grinding of teeth. Health insurance covers the cost of a bite splint for a couple of years now. Aligners – transparent braces used to straighten teeth – are more popular than ever with patients. Both trends are accelerating production needs enormously in dental laboratories. In the quest for an optimal manufacturing process for these particular dental objects, a large dental laboratory based in Frankfurt quickly realised that they are in the best hands with an experienced manufacturer and partner like OTEC.

With a tailor-made customer solution for faster processes and higher production volumes

From the very first contact at the world’s leading trade fair IDS in Cologne, the customer was convinced by the OTEC machine concept with customised processing for their special application. The leased machine from a competitor, which they used previously, had to be replaced as quickly as possible because it took up too much space, was difficult to handle, had slow processing times and inadequate production volumes. The dental laboratory from Frankfurt was impressed by the customised process development in the OTEC Finishing Center. Their main focus was on getting the very best processing results for their workpieces. The OTEC solution delivers maximum precision finishing for the homogeneous, smooth surfaces of custom-made dental objects required in the dental industry.

Machine processing starts at turbo speed in the dental laboratory

CF-Series Disc Finishing Machines are designed for rapid, flawless surface processing on a wide variety of workpieces. The unit is modular in design and can be configured to meet the exact requirements of the customer. Depending on requirements, the unit is designed with a container volume of 9, 18 and 50 litres. The laboratory opted for a machine with 2x18 litre container volume. Up to 30 bite splints or aligners are now processed at the same time. A much higher output than before.

Up to 20 times more effective processing and high-quality results

OTEC develops the perfect process for every part. Ceramic Abrasives are used as bulk materials for mass finishing in the dental laboratory. The delicate workpieces are added to the fixed container along with the abrasives. When the disc turns, the contents are set in motion in a toroidal flow. Centrifuging the bulk materials and workpieces makes this process highly intensive – up to 20 times more effective than with competitor machines. The results are of the highest quality. The processing time was reduced to 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the load.
The result: perfect processing results even faster and more reliably from now on.

Easy handling impresses the laboratory employees

“Particularly our employees, who are the ones actually using the unit, are more than convinced and are happy with the much easier handling of the unit – especially compared with the previous unit”,  confirms the customer about one of the many highlights of their OTEC unit that was particularly important for dental technicians in the laboratory.

CF 1x18 for aligners & bite splints

Stand-alone Disc Finishing Unit for industrial series production
Type of processing: mass finishing technique

  • Up to 30 workpieces/batch
  • 1 to 3 process containers
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Industry 4.0 Ready
  • 1 machine for 2 processes
  • Intuitive operation
  • Low-maintenance machine

Maxi-Dental for bite splints

Compact Disc Finishing Unit for small batches
Type of processing: mass finishing technique

  • Up to 5 workpieces/process
  • 1 machine for 3 workpieces
  • Process time of 1-3 hours
  • Easy to use
  • Modular design concept
  • Fast container changes
  • “Plug & Play” principle


"We are always there for customers, even after delivery and commissioning."

Contact partners in Sales

“Our door is always open even after we have delivered and commissioned the machine. We are delighted that the dental laboratory is already looking for other applications with their OTEC unit and will be happy to provide any help and support they need.
My tip for all companies looking for the best solution for their particular tasks: You too should start with our customised process development in the OTEC Finishing Center”, says Nicolas Petri (Head of Sales Germany) when asked about the outlook for future projects.

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