Electro Finishing Machine – EF-Compact

The new EF-Compact table-top machine gently smooths and polishes delicate pieces of jewellery with complex geometries. Machine processing can minimise manual tasks. The OTEC EF-Compact combines top quality with maximum cost-effectiveness.


Chokers, bracelets, bangles, pendants and rings in yellow, red and white gold

Highlights of the EF-Compact

  • Processing hard-to-reach and inner contours
  • Gentle processing of delicate pieces of jewellery without bending
  • Excellent polish on gemstone settings without rounding
  • Exceptionally shiny diamonds thanks to the polished setting
  • No damage to diamonds, zirconia or gemstones
  • Machine processing reduces pre-polishing by up to 90%


  • Cyanide-free abrasives with no aggressive acids – no suction required
  • Reproducible and fast results in a process time of just 10-20 minutes
  • Easy recovery of abraded gold through filtration of the electrolyte and separation at the cathodes
  • Intuitive touch panel control and “recipe” database with workpiece-specific standard programs
  • Remote control and remote maintenance options
  • Recommended installation height is 450 mm
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