Disc Finishing Machine – Maxi-Dental

The popular OTEC Maxi-Dental offers maximum flexibility when it comes to selecting the processing option with its quick and easy container changes. The compact table-top machine is impressive with low acquisition costs and a convenient Plug & Play principle.

Highlights of the Maxi-Dental

  • Machining with no manual rework
  • Targeted polishing of hard-to-reach areas
  • Reproducible and stable processes
  • Ergonomic design and easy-to-handle machines
  • Compact design as table-top machine
  • Sustainable processes through wastewater filtration
  • Quick return on investment thanks to low process costs and automation of manual processes
  • Sustainable production by reducing the workload for employees and substituting processes that pose health risks

Finishing small batches economically and efficiently

OTEC Maxi-Dental “magnetic” | “wet”
With the Maxi-Dental, up to 4 manual work steps can be performed in one machine – cleaning, pre-grinding, fine grinding and polishing. Post-processing is automated, and a perfect finish is guaranteed.

Advantages of the OTEC Maxi-Dental system

  • Maximum flexibility – several processes with just one machine
  • Switch quickly between the various processes thanks to tool-free container changes
  • Plug & Play principle
  • Compact table-top machine
  • Cost-effective even when processing only a few workpieces per day

Cost-effective solution, recommended for laboratories processing up to 15 workpieces/day

Perfect workpiece surfaces of consistent quality

Bite splints | dentures - 2 workpieces in 1 machine
Maximum comfort for patients is the primary processing objective. The surfaces are cleaned or smoothed and polished gently and homogeneously even in the smallest angles. Shape-retaining elements are not compromised.

Comfort results with OTEC

  • Smoothing and polishing bite splints – a two-step process removes structures in the surface without a trace and rounds the edges
  • Cleaning dentures – a magnetic needle cleaning process cleans all residues even in difficult areas and re-polishes the surface


Reproducible, consistently high-quality results

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