SF-HP - streamfinish takes on larger loads

The SF-HP is the latest member of the SF-Series and the world's only stream finishing machine for the surface finishing of large and heavy workpieces. With the proven OTEC Streamfinish-DNA! Like the entire SF-Series, it therefore ensures smoothing, high-gloss polishing, edge rounding and deburring in a single operation, in just a few minutes and without damaging the contours of the workpiece. Due to the path-controlled motion sequence, it is possible to target and process individual areas of a workpiece particularly intensively. more


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Mass finishing units and process technology

For cost-effective high-precision surface finishing.

As the technology leader in the field of mass finishing machines, OTEC develops and manufactures innovative machine concepts for perfect surface finishing. OTEC's grinding and polishing systems are made entirely in Germany and are unbeatable in terms of precision and cost-effectiveness. For over 20 years, the company's motto, "Perfect surfaces. Worldwide" has been at the heart of all its inventions and patents and the driving force that motivates the whole OTEC team.