The result: a perfect surface as if polished by hand. OTEC's precision finishing systems produce perfect surfaces with the minimum of stock removal, are cost-effective, technically very advanced and highly productive. Use wet polishing processes for bulk goods in order to debur and polish the workpieces at the same time. Or special dry polishing process to put a high shine on carbide and ceramics. These technologies are highly valued by our industrial customers for the following features:

  • Increase the percentage of contact surface in order to reduce wear (e.g. in motor racing)
  • Reduce the roughness values (Ra 0.01 / Rz 0.1 µm can very often be achieved with ease)
  • Reduce leakage in the case of sealing surfaces (e.g. high-speed shafts)
  • Achieve greater precision (e.g. for an extremely accurate fit)/li>
  • Produce completely smooth, scratch-free surfaces (e.g. for knee implants)
  • Increase the maximum cutting speed of cutting tools by polishing the chip flutet


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