Innovative solutions for a perfect surface finish

No other manufacturing process offers as much freedom and flexibility for both the design and production of components as additive manufacturing. During the process, workpieces are constructed layer by layer out of metal, plastic or composite materials. Additive manufacturing has grown into an emerging process that’s successfully employed not only in prototype construction, but series production as well, by manufacturers in the most varied sectors of industry. The method allows for production of components that are extremely lightweight yet still stable – which is especially advantageous for reducing the weight of components, such as those used in racing sports. Yet the method tends to produce rougher surfaces, which poses a challenge to many manufacturers that employ additive manufacturing. The market consequently demands innovative surface finish solutions. OTEC plants enable quick and efficient smoothing of workpieces, rounding of corners and polishing: a reliable way to significantly reduce surface roughness. Following processing and depending on the application requirements, the component is optimally prepared for subsequent coatings or simply polished to a high-gloss, consumer-ready finish.

Ear moulds

The manufacturing process of ear moulds creates a rough surface which does not provide the accurate fit and comfort required for insertion into the human ear. In order to maximize comfort, these items must have a very smooth surface. In disc finishing machines ear moulds can be ground and smoothed in a short time. The special design of the machine gives a very high-quality smooth surface finish in a process that is gentle on the material. That sensitive workpieces can be processed reliably without fear of damage.Disc finishing machines


Die OTEC plants effectively smooth and polish to high gloss the surfaces of decorative parts, such as the interior fittings of vehicles.

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