Innovative solutions for a perfect surface finish

Additive manufacturing technologies offer unrivalled levels of design and production flexibility. Their key advantages include topology optimisation, function integration into assemblies and the bespoke production of series components. Particular challenges in 3D printing are posed by process complexity and stability, automation and the additive surface structure itself. This work involves removing the supporting structures and reducing waviness and micro-roughness. This is why post-processing is crucial in the additive process chain. Established technologies such as mass finishing and electro-chemical processes demonstrate solutions for surface finishing on additively manufactured workpieces. OTEC machine designs and custom-tailored processes enable efficient and reliable processing of any material.

Processing with OTEC machines offers the following advantages:

  • Less waviness and roughness
  • Short process times
  • Stable, high-quality processes
  • Ergonomic machine designs
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Metal | Smoothing, Polishing

Functional and precision components
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