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Compounds are added to the disc finishing machines during the grinding process in order to produce clean, bright and non-corroded workpiece surfaces. With impact-sensitive workpieces, the compound creates a foam buffer betweem the workpieces and the abrasive media. The compounds supplied by OTEC not only provide the best possible finishing results, but are also easy to break down in the waste water treatement system because they do not contain strong complexing agents.

Type Application Description pH value Dosage
SC 3 Wet polishing For soft alloys, brightening, suitable as additive
for stainless steel and zirconia balls
4.5 1-5%
SC 4* Universal, for wet grinding and wet polishing Intense foaming, for all non-ferrous metals,
suitable fo magnetic polishersr
3 1-5%
SC 5* Fine grinding, wet polishing Intense foaming**, brightening, for all precious and
non-ferrous metals
6 3-5%
SC 6 Wet grinding Good foaming properties**, suitable for microflitration 7.5 1-5%
SC 13 Wet grinding, wet polishing Universal compound for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals,
mit Korrosionsschutz
8 1-5%
SC 15 Specially for recycling Universalcompound (specially for ferrous metalsiell
für Eisenmetalle), with anti-corrosive z, low foaming
9.5 1-5%
SC 21 Wet grinding,
(especially suitable for ultrafiltration units)
Universal compound with very good foaming properties,
brightening, for all metals
7.5 1-5%
SC 23 Wet grinding Suitable for microfiltration, good cleaning effect and anti-corrosive 9 1-5%
SC 25 Wet grinding, wet polishing For non-ferrous metals (especially aluminum), brightening 5 1-5%
SC 26 Wet grinding, wet polishing For all non-ferrous metals and precious metals,
low foaming, with anti-corrosive
9 1-5%
SC 37 Wet grinding Universal compound for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals,
very little foam,with anti-corrosive suitable for closed-loop
recycling in machines and centrifuges,
conaints flocculants for increased sedimentation
of sludge in waste water from finishing machines
9 1-5%
UC 12 Ultrasonic cleaning Precious metals, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, aluminum,
with anti-tarnish for non ferrous metals.
4.5 3-5%

* = available in various concentrations           ** = specially for the jewelry industry

UC 12 Ultrasonic Cleaning Compound

The special composition of the new UC12 ultrasonic cleaning compound from OTEC makes it especially suitable for a wide range of applications.Due to its degreasing properties, oils, fats and waxes are easily removed from the surface. Oxidation, oxide scale and solder residues are efficiently removed to facilitate subsequent processes. Of course, UC 12 also cleans tarnished surfaces and has an additional brightening effect. Many metals and metal alloys can be cleaned, including gold, silver, copper, brass, tombac, bronze, aluminium and stainless steel. UC 12 is preferably used at a working temperature of 50°C - 80°C. Even at temperatures above 80°C the surface of parts will not tarnish.The product itself can easily be treated in a waste water processing unit or a micro filtration unit unless the process involves oils, fats and waxes.

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