• All our products are unique. As standard.

    Both process and machine must be right for the customer. Every time: series production made by OTEC.

  • No matter how you look at it...

    ...the results are just perfect: mass finishing units made by OTEC.

  • When something goes wrong, we are right there.

    Down-time at our customers is a no-go: after-sales service made by OTEC.

  • We design the procedure for you.

    A fully documented process with every machine.

  • We have custom solutions at the ready.

    Whether a brand-new system or a modification – we find the solution that is right for you.

efficient processing options

to meet all requirements

There are no limits to the finishing process. Irrespective of the material, innovative OTEC technology enables surfaces to be individually finished according to the subsequent area of application and the requirements to be placed on the workpiece. Whether smoothing, polishing, rounding or deburring - the careful combination of process media and corresponding machine technology enables us to  produce the results that are just right for you.

Precision finish








perfect surfaces worldwide