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There are no limits to the finishing process. Irrespective of the material, innovative OTEC technology enables surfaces to be individually finished according to the subsequent area of application and the requirements to be placed on the workpiece. Whether smoothing, polishing, rounding or deburring - the careful combination of process media and corresponding machine technology enables us to  produce the results that are just right for you.

Precision finishing

As a rule the objective of these applications is to give the workpiece a certain quality of surface finish 

Electro Finishing

Unlike conventional electrochemical polishing, this technology involves the workpieces moving (rotating) through the abrasive, thereby ensuring that the abrasive is circulated uniformly around them. more


The result: a perfect surface as if polished by hand. OTEC's precision finishing systems produce perfect surfaces with the minimum of stock removal, are cost-effective, technically very advanced and highly productive.


OTEC can generate extremely flat surfaces through mass finishing, surfaces which are perfect for bearings because they have a very high contact surface ratio which in turn drastically reduces abrasion and noise generation.


The drag finishing and stream finishing machines enable edges to be rounded in a completely reliable process to specific values in the µm range. All mass finishing processes are suitable for edge rounding but the stream finishing process offers absolute reliability and the shortest processing times - often only a matter of a few seconds.


After the treatment or manufacturing of metallic workpieces, it is usually necessary to free them of sharp edges or slivers (burs). The term 'deburring' is used mainly in the metalworking industry to describe this process.

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