As tough as it gets for Surface requirements 

Highly efficient, ultrareliable engineering is just one of the challenges the aerospace industry rises to on a regular basis, which is why manufacturers expect their components and production processes to meet such stringent requirements. By 2050, Europe’s ACARE alliance aims to cut carbon dioxide by 75%, nitrogen oxide by 90% and noise by 65%.

A key factor in meeting those targets is to reduce engine friction, which in turn requires smooth functional surfaces.

Efficient design often implies very narrow tolerances and less scope for process variation, making stable, repeatable, fully automated production processes all the more important.

Leading OEM, TIER 1 and TIER 2 manufacturers in the aerospace supply chain rely on our innovative finishing solutions, which far outperform the conventional processes they used in the past.

OTEC’s mass finishing machines are designed for applications ranging from smoothing for minimal roughness (superfinishing or ultrapolishing) to rounding and/or deburring. On request we also develop other, highly customised applications.

smoothing | Polishing

Application examples 
Blades, vanes, blisks, impellers, gears, valve parts, nozzles, etc.

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DEburring | Rounding

Application examples:
Turbine Blade roots, compressor and turbine discs, impellers, gears, valve parts, nozzles, fittings, hydraulic and Fly-by-Wire components, landing gear components, etc

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Other processing tasks

Application examples:
Coated parts, 3D printed parts, landing gear components, etc.

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