Electro Finishing Machine – EF-Performance

The innovative combination of Electro Finishing Technology with established mass finishing technology from OTEC delivers high-gloss perfection for workpieces with complex geometries in diverse sectors. This enables maximum gloss even in the smallest of corners and surface polishing without micro-scratches for large parts as well. Reliable, precise and efficient, this technology sets new standards for surface quality and cost-effectiveness.

Application areas

Sectors: jewellery, dental, medicine, industry, tools
Materials: gold, silver, copper, brass, cobalt chromium, tool steel, stainless steel, Inconel, aluminium

Highlights of the EF-Performance

  • High-gloss polishing with maximum gloss and no micro-scratches
  • Precise processing in hard-to-reach areas such as inner contours
  • Intricate geometries are maintained and are smoothed and polished gently
  • Short, reproducible process times less than 30 min.
  • Minimal media jamming thanks to tiny, spherical particles
  • Cyanide-free particles in special developed conductive liquids, which are safe for users


  • Capacity of 3 stations, each with a working space measuring 180 x 180 mm (diameter x height) for 27 workpieces with a component size up to 60 x 40 mm (diameter x height)
  • Manual loading with a simple clamping system
  • Easy, ergonomic machine handling
  • One-handed loading by simply suspending the holders
  • Abrasive temperature and conductivity monitoring ensures process stability
  • Intuitive touch panel control and recipe database with workpiece-specific standard programs
  • Industry 4.0 with remote control, remote maintenance and OPC UA interface

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