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    Gentle electropolishing process from OTEC.

Electro Finishing Machines

Electro Finishing (EF) is a highly precise process for surface treatment of metallic workpieces using an external power source. In this electrochemical removal process, the workpiece is dipped into a specific Electro Finishing Media and anodically removed. Electro Finishing is primarily used to smooth and polish surfaces. The process is particularly effective in processing difficult materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and other alloys. The application of Electro Finishing results in workpieces with a metallically pure surface, an unaffected basic structure, improved corrosion resistance, and a permanently shiny surface. Electro Finishing offers numerous advantages over other surface treatment methods. It is a fast, effective, and precise method for achieving high-quality surfaces that meet the high demands of modern industry. Therefore, if you are looking for an optimal solution for processing metallic workpieces, you should definitely consider Electrofinish.
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High-quality polishing and smoothing for complexe geometries

EF-Smart T | Dental

The solution for dental labs. more

EF-Flex | Jewelry

High-gloss polishing reduces manual work to a minimum.

EF-Compact | Jewelry

High-gloss polishing reduces manual work up to 90%.more

EF-Smart S | Jewelry

Gentle polishing process for delicate parts.

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