Automotive industry

Reduced wear for longer service life

In the automotive industry, the surface finish of individual components is often crucial. So-called bulk goods are finished in disc finishing machines whereas sensitive parts which need to be finished to a greater degree of precision require the use of stream finishing or drag finishing machines. Our process and the perfect surface finish it gives reduces wear and thereby increases service life. 

camshafts, gear wheels and worm drives

Lower Rpk values giving in less friction and greater energy efficiency. Less metal abrasion debris in the oil resulting in longer service intervals. Especially suitable for full integration into a production lineSF with pulse drive

gearbox and engine parts

Formula 1 racing also benefits from the proven technologies of OTEC machines. More information about deburring and rounding of injection plungers hereDisc finishing machinesDrag finishing machinesStream finishing machines

Gear wheels

With gear wheels, it is often a matter of smoothing the tooth flanks or rounding the tooth tip. Finished gear wheels have considerably lower friction values. Gear wheels finished in OTEC machines have a lower Rpk value and therefore lower friction, which in turn increases energy efficiency. In addition, oil change intervals are longer because less metal abrasion is deposited in the oil.SF Pulse finishing

perfect surfaces worldwide