Medical devices and pharmaceutical industry

Consistency and cost-efficiency you can rely on

With 25 years of experience in mass finishing, OTEC is proud to provide custom processes for the unique requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Our well-established machine designs ensure rapid, cost-efficient surface processing in consistently high quality. Be it deburring, grinding, smoothing or polishing, OTEC delivers precision surface processing for workpieces of different sizes, weights and materials.

OTEC machine features

  • Process reliability
  • Reproducibility
  • Stable, high-quality processes
  • Machine processing
  • Custom processes and suitable machine designs


Application examples: knee joints, hip joints, bone plates, bone screws, and dental implantsMore information



Application examples: Denture clasps, dentures, braces, mouth splints, partial denture plates, implants and prosthesesMore information

Medical instruments and tools

Application examples:surgical drills, scissors, handles, instrument components, clamps, endoscopes and a variety of general-purpose turned and milled partsMore information

Hearing aids | Hearing protection

Application examples: earmoulds and in-ear headphonesMore information

Tablet tools

Application example: punches More information