Electro Finishing


Unlike conventional electrochemical polishing, this technology involves the workpieces moving (rotating) through the abrasive, thereby ensuring that the abrasive is circulated uniformly around them. The OTEC Electrofinishing Process uses special polymer particles suspended in an ionically conductive liquid. With over 25 years of experience for perfect surfaces, stainless steel, steel, brass, silver, cobalt chrome and titanium are efficiently perfected.

Advantages of the electro finishing Process:

Delicate components

  • Low mechanical stress on workpieces
  • No bending or breakage
  • Maintains dimensional stability of workpiece
  • Lightweight and delicate holder design possible due to the low forces acting in this process
  • Minimal edge abrasion

Sensitive and soft materials

  • No micro-scratches
  • Improved corrosion resistance thanks to electrofinishing
  • No impact on microstructure
  • Clean, neat surfaces

Complex geometries

  • Reaches deeper areas of the workpiece, even with complex geometries
  • Minimal media jamming thanks to tiny spherical finishing particles and/or pure liquid
  • Achieves roughness values as low as Ra 0.01 μm

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