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Plastic grinding chips

These high-quality grinding chips offer high stock removal rates and a fine surface finish. Their soft bond prevents any hardening of pitting of the workpiece surface. Plastic bonded grinding chips with a low density and a soft substrate are mainly used for the grinding and fine grinding of precious metals.

TypeColorGrinding effectK


Size a=b
Mmint greenfine grinding to polishing,
good stock removal, gives very smooth surfaces
10; 1210; 12; 15
X*whitefine grinding to polishing,
specially for the jewelry industry
10; 1210; 12; 15
Aredmedium intensity, medium rough10; 126; 10
Oblueintense grinding, medium rough10; 1210; 12
Tpurplevery intense grinding, very rough10; 1210; 12

Further sizes and qualities on request. Ordering example: Shape K, Quality X, Size 10 mm => KX10
*=suitable for grinding zirconia jewelry

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