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Dry grinding granulates

TZ Dry grinding granulate

The TZ dry grinding granulate media consist of defined shape granules in polyethane with SiC added as an abrasive. The granules are cylindrical in shape. The great advantage of this medium is that the granules retain their shape. They do not break and are self-sharpening. This medium is preferred for the edge rounding of cutting tools used with a cooling lubricant. More information here.

Type Grinding effect Surface Shape: cylindrical Size
TZM medium medium roughness 2/3 mm; 4/5 mm
TZMS intense high roughness 2/3 mm; 4/5 mm
TZS very intense very high roughness 4/5 mm

The granulates do not break, they retain their shape and are self-sharpening.

QZ W Granulates

Grinding granulate made from white corundum, used mainly for edge rounding carbide tools

Type Grain size Typical application Properties / Surface
QZ 0.5 W 0.5 mm for edge rounding up to max. 15 μm low roughness
QZ 1-2 W 1.0 - 2.0 mm for edge rounding up to max. 30 μm low roughness
QZ 1-3 W 1.0 - 3.0 mm for edge rounding over 30 μm low roughness

HSC Granulates

Produces very high surface qualities, e.g. Rz 0.5 (from Rz 2.5). Applications:

  • Only for use in DF and SF machines
  • For finishing HSS and carbide tools
  • Polishing coated tools and removing droplets
  • Smoothing and polishing carbide tools
  • Edge rounding of carbide tools up to max. 15 – 20 μm
  • Removing solder residues, e.g. HSC 1/300, HSC 1/500

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