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The OTEC mass finishing process produces plateau-like surfaces. These create optimal conditions for rubbing and sliding surfaces due to their high material contact area. The peaks of the surfaces are reduced to Rpk <0.1 µ while the existing grooves are retained. The surface reduces wear and thus increases the service life of highly stressed components such as gearwheels, valves, rocker arms, pistons, expansion screws, camshafts or drive sets. In addition to reducing friction and wear, noise (NVH) is also reduced.
Delivering a perfectly smooth surface with minimal material removal, the OTEC finishing techniques are cost-effective and high-quality processes.

Component properties after processing using OTEC technologies

  • Increased percentage contact area for less friction and wear
  • Reduced roughness values (Ra 0.01 and Rz 0.1 µm)
  • Fewer leaks on sealing faces, e.g. high-speed shafts, sleeve centres

For piece goods

Serie SF Manual Series

Stream finishing machines with optional pulse finishing, for manual workpiece loading, suitable for e.g. small batches or non-takt production lines.more


For piece goods

SF Automation Series

Stream finishing machines with optional pulse finishing, for automatic workpiece loading, suitable e.g. for takt production lines. Set up for automatic loading or fitted with it as an integrated option. more

For bulk goods

CF Series

Years of experience have gone into our CF Series disc finishing machines, which are designed for rapid, flawless surface processing on bulk parts.

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