The OTEC logo in changing times

Being a pioneer, taking on challenges, considering the rapidly changing market conditions, and continuing to provide innovative solutions have always been the OTEC philosophy. The opportunity to develop continuously as a company and work alongside OTEC customers requires a company logo that is in line with the times.

Combining the familiar with the new is the basis for modifying the OTEC logo. OTEC’s values should be retained and expressed in a clear design language in a contemporary style.

OTEC is renowned for tradition, quality and innovation. The company’s former motto of “Perfect surfaces worldwide” is now “Precision finishing solutions”. Giving expert advice and collaborating with OTEC customers to deliver tailored solutions are the company’s speciality and are therefore the focus of the new motto. In other words, achieving a perfect interplay between the machine, abrasive and machining process. Digital and sustainable procedures, which have already come into fruition at various stages at OTEC, are becoming increasingly important and are also highlighted. The language is tech-savvy, very precise and international.

Digitalisation and increasing globalisation pose new demands on a corporate identity, the company logo, and the accompanying slogan. In digital media, a logo with an eye-catching and reduced look must be quick and easy to identify, even in a much smaller size. It should contrast well in a cluttered and often distracting environment and guarantee easy recognition, hence the omission of visual effects and distracting elements.

The 3 distinctive blue arcs will remain part of the logo. They symbolise the dynamic nature of OTEC’s processes, namely the power of the machines, dependable technology “Made in Germany”, and finding solutions together with partners. The goal is always to achieve the best results for OTEC customers, which was and remains at the heart of our company philosophy of “OTEC – Precision finishing solutions”.

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