new setup - OTEc in Switzerland - close, competent and reliable

Key strategic markets take businesses in new directions – a source of challenges, but also opportunities.
So, on 1 July 2018, OTEC launches its Swiss Sales operation. On behalf of Mr Springmann and his whole team, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the thriving relationship we’ve built with you over the years.

Under the new local arrangements, an experienced sales team of German, Italian and French speakers is waiting to assist you, expertly supported by the OTEC Service department, a new logistics centre and reliable local service partners.

German-speaking Swiss team

Christoph Stirl                                                                                                                Marion Schmidt
Sales Manager                                                                                                               Head of Internal Sales
+ 49 (0) 151 18061692                                                                                                 + 49 (0) 7082 49 11 22

French-speaking Swiss team

Christophe Hauss                                                                                                         Katja Schnell
Sales Manager                                                                                                              Internal Sales Manager
+33 (0) 777329577                                                                                                      + 49 (0) 7082 49 11 5824
c.hauss(at)                                                                                                       k.schnell(at)

Italian-speaking Swiss team

Alessandro Meacci                                                                                                     Ileana Mele
Sales Manager                                                                                                             Internal Sales Manager
+ 39 (0) 34 70 73 21 33                                                                                              + 49 (0) 7082 49 11 21
a.meacci(at)                                                                                                    i.mele(at)

We're delighted to have reached this new strategic milestone and look forward to sharing the mutual benefits. Thank you for your confidence in us. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



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