Partners in Innovation and Tradition since 1996 - Klaus Müller GmbH and OTEC Präzisionsfinish

Neuenbürg-based grinding and polishing company Klaus Müller has especially close ties with OTEC Präzisionsfinish. We began discussions in 1996, with the added benefit that our businesses were only a few miles apart. OTEC – which at the time was what we’d now call a startup – was in search of the right compounds for its process development. Klaus Müller had exactly what we were looking for – and still does today. He and OTEC MD Helmut Gegenheimer struck up a partnership that has flourished ever since.

In an interview with Klaus’ son, Boris Müller, we discover the key to this successful long-term relationship.

Boris, how long have you been using OTEC machines? And what’s the human story behind your relationship with the company?
“OTEC was looking for a new type of compound. The conventional surface processing technology at the time was vibratory finishing using bowls or drums, but OTEC was busy revolutionising that with its disc finishing machine. My father had already made a name for himself in compound development, so that's how the two entrepreneurs met – they were both innovators. We added the first OTEC machines to our surface processing portfolio in 1998. Since then we’ve added another 11.”

Looking back, would you say that Klaus Müller has developed alongside OTEC?
“Absolutely. Innovations on both sides – and indeed the tireless determination behind the innovations – have helped us both. The way our own site has expanded also reflects how we’ve grown. We started out in Daimlerstrasse, where we still develop and produce the compounds. Four years ago we relocated our grinding and polishing operation to a new building in Waldbauerstrasse in Neuenbürg. OTEC machines give us the flexibility to handle such a wide variety of orders. And our customers really value the quality of our finishes. You can only achieve that kind of continuity and growth with reliable machinery and dependable partners.

In your experience, are there surface refinements that only OTEC machines can handle?
Müller winks:

“OTEC machines can do anything! One big reason why we love the technology is because it can handle ultra-small, micro or delicate parts, and complex geometries like housing components. It’s unique in that respect. For those orders, only an OTEC finish hits the mark.”

What would you say are the advantages of OTEC machines and processes?
“Flexibility, without a doubt! In terms of day-to-day business, we benefit from short setup times between jobs, really fast processing and low procurement and maintenance costs. The icing on the cake is that we’re located so close to each other, which means we get the direct benefit of expert knowledge and can share valuable expertise.”

As a customer, what do you value most about the relationship?
“Basically, after working together for 20 years we just know each other really well. Everyone is always professional, but friendly, too. And that means we trust each other, which is why the relationship has flourished – so far for two generations.”

Boris, many thanks for being so open with us. We wish you and your business every success!

About Klaus Müller GmbH, founded in 1990:

For over 25 years now, Klaus Müller GmbH has been working successfully with prestigious companies from a wide variety of industries. Our customers benefit from two generations of expertise in surface processing and refinement. From ultra-small electronic parts to complex housing components, we process your parts to specification and deliver a perfect finish. We provide all common finishes for a wide range of materials.
Alongside traditional mass finishing, deburring, edge rounding, pickling, tumbling, degreasing and delustring, we offer polishing and ultrasound cleaning. We also provide fabrication and packaging services. If you have a processing requirement we haven’t mentioned, just ask. We’ll do our very best to make it happen!

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