Dry polishing media M5/300

Mirror-finish for workpieces

The M5/300 dry polishing medium is a further top-quality product for polishing workpieces to a mirror finish and has been specially developed to give the best possible scratch-free surfaces. It consists of an especially soft substrate and high-quality, very fine grain polishing agents. The granulate is treated in a special process so as to make it suitable for polishing brass, stainless steal, ceramics and carbide metals to a high shine.

»  scratch-free surfaces, especially suitable for polishing implants in cobalt chrome and titanium
»  considerably reduced orange peel effect
»  more intense deep shine
»  much smoother surfaces can be attained (up to Ra 0.01, Rz 0.1) 

Areas of application include:
»  Mirror-finishing polishing of implants
»  Mirror-finish polishing of carbide tools
»  Mirror-finish polishing of watch cases in stainless steel or porcelain, etc.

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