Smoothing and polishing punching dies
Superior surface quality ensures high output

Punching dies, like all other punching tools, must meet high demands. A punching die’s surface quality is essential for smooth and efficient stamping, which is why the surface processing methods for these tools are constantly being refined. The aim of surface processing is to achieve a smooth, flawless contoured surface as the ideal basis for subsequent coating processes. Surface roughness greatly affects the durability and effectiveness of the anti-wear coating. The optimum combination of tool coating and polishing can greatly enhance tool quality.

OTEC offers machines and process technology for punching die surface processing. OTEC’s special stream finishing process can smooth the punching die surfaces, perfectly preparing them for the coating. Droplets are removed and the tool is polished after the coating process.

Punching die smoothed and polished using the OTEC process
OTEC stream finishing machine

The interaction between processing by OTEC and the coating can increase the tool’s output 10-fold. The coating adheres better, protecting the tool against wear. Processing additionally enhances the punching die’s surface quality. It is essential to maintain contour accuracy during processing, surface processing must not change the punching die’s shape. The stream finishing process specialises in targeted processing of specific workpiece areas. The machine’s special design allows the flow angle to be adjusted to the grinding or polishing media, combined with a contour controlled motion sequence, this directs the flow to selected areas only. This enables control of material abrasion down to the micrometre level. The process is characterised by high media flow speeds, which enable highly intensive processing and process times as short as a few minutes. 


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