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Hearing impairment affects the whole of life. There are physical as well as social and psychological consequences. The first hearing aids were already available in the 19th century - they were simple funnels that were held to the affected ear and bundled sound waves.

Each auricel is unique

Today's hearing aids usually disappear al-most invisibly in or behind the ear. A good, individually made earmould  - also calles otoplastics - ensures that the hearing aid fits absolutely securely and almost invisibly in the auditory canal and is by no means per-ceived as disturbing by the wearer. The e-armoulds are manufactured individually for each patient either in additive manufacturing processes or by machining. The roughness caused by the manufacturing process makes a smoothing after-treatment of the e-armoulds necessary.

Gently and effective with disc finishing machines

A gentle and effective surface treatment is necessary to prevent the otoplastics from being damaged during post-treatment and to maintain the geometry precisely. Often it is not possible to do completely without manual processing as a preliminary stage for mechanical post-treatment, because internal geometries are sometimes difficult to achieve with automated processes. Effective machining in the OTEC disc finishing machine reduces manual pre- or post-machining to an absolute minimum. This saves time!
Depending on the number of parts and the initial condition, it is possible to vary between different machines, process equipment and running times. The average ma-chining time is 1 - 2 hours per process step. Depending on the machine, larger quan-tities can also be processed simultaneously.

The OTEC CF series is the best choice for small series up to series production. For the manufacturer, the conversion of the process to automatic post-treatment in-creases efficiency. An optional coating can still be applied depending on the desired optical result, but is not a must for appearance, fit and wearing comfort.

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OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH offers precision technology for the production of per-fect surfaces. Machines from OTEC for smoothing, precise edge rounding, polishing and deburring are used for economical surface finishing of a wide variety of work-pieces. With a network of international trading partners, OTEC is represented world-wide and close to its customers. A wide variety of industries such as the tool industry, automotive industry, aerospace industry, medical technology as well as the watch and jewellery industry benefit from OTEC's comprehensive know-how in the develo-pment of the perfect interplay of machine and process equipment.

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