Knee joints, hip joints, dental implants, bone plates and bone screws

Homogeneous, smooth implant surfaces are essential for securing an accurate fit and extending lifespan. OTEC machines remove material evenly when grinding and polishing to ensure that implants can be inserted and disinfected easily.
To fit securely, the implant edges must be burr-free but not rounded. OTEC machines process complex surface geometries and hard-to-reach areas.

OTEC’s defined processes and suitable machine designs ensure our mass finishing machines can perform custom surface processing.

Benefits of OTEC machines

  • Smoothing without compromising geometries or rounding edges
  • Rapid machine processing
  • Consistent quality thanks to machine surface processing

Drag finishing machines
For piece goods

Used for polishing, grinding and precise edge rounding
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Stream finishing machines
For piece goods

For everything from manual small series to automated line production
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Disc finishing machines
For bulk goods

Surface processing of bulk parts in a single process
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